Store your accounting records on a shared and collaborative distributed ledger.

Imagine if every company in the world used one blockchain for recording all their accounting records, a bit like using one version of QuickBooks®?

Well the future is here. Eliminate reconciliations. Keep the spies away. Share and Collaborate. Fulfil all your regulatory obligations.

Welcome to the new Double Entry Contract. Fiat, Crypto, Tokens or hybrid.

Accdefi - designed by Accountants for everyone.

Choose the level of security. Share blocks with selected counterparts and stakeholders. Confirm and settle transactions using the same shared blockchain. Construst business rules using Double Entry Contracts.


Full Control

Take full control of your accounting books and records. Reduce the risks of your private financial accounts being spied on by untrusted cloud companies, accounting software vendors or hosting services. Using AI we automate accounting processes and eradicate all the hassle. Move on from triple entry accounting to a new world of double entry contracts.

Preserve the Integrity of records.

Demonstrate full traceable audit trails.

Enable fully automated audits.

Eliminate digital manipulation of accounting transactions.

Instigate DECs for all transactions.


Free App

No restrictions - unlimited users, unlimited legal entities, all the currencies (fiat or digital), immutable backups, currency conversions and consolidated accounts (GAAP / IFRS). Use our free front end, or your own accounting software and api onto the blockchain. Invoices and other documents stored (or linked) on the blockchain too using our gvanta file sharing companion.


Integrate into existing APIs like Banks and Government tax collection agencies

We have a working proof of concept, a patent pending and are looking to raise funds in 2021. Let us know if want to be part of this evolving and exciting solution. Reduce the mundane - focus on the value.


Your system. Your Data

Consider the blockchain as your trial balance, sales ledger, purchase ledger, asset ledger, journal history all on one blockchain that you have full control over. Give your counterparties access to some of your records for immediate reconcilaiton - Banks; Tax Authorities; Debtors; Creditors.

Worried about the hassle? Use your own existing accounting system and run us in parallel in the background knowing all your transaction records are held permanently and forever with no down time.

Use real time or historic FOREX conversions using apis to DEX or traditional FX platforms and exchanges.



It's very easy to start using Accdefi. Journals or balances can be imported (via text file, google sheets etc) or manually typed in. You can also API to your own on-premises accounts / COA for extra security. Like other accounting systems we have templates. You have full control.

  • Imports
  • Templates
  • Manual
  • API


Create fully reconciled accounts and financial statements in real time.

  • Full audit trail
  • Fully anonymous and complete redaction of blocks if required
  • Patent pending

Chart of Accounts

Use your own chart of accounts or our templates. Upload and keep consistent across all group entities for accurate and complete consolidated account reporting.

  • Fully encrypted
  • Choose your own
  • See the blockchain using the explorer at Auus.Cloud

Help us redefine the future

If you would like to help us change and improve the way we account transactions, come talk to us.

The Accounting software market will be worth $20.4bn in 2026.

  • Reduce reliance on third party software and data control
  • Share common data with your stakeholders and counterparts
  • From insurance claims to contract settlements
  • Governance tokens
  • Anonomized data analytics and AI for efficiency

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